Peter van LoenhoutP2P Subtitling BV was founded by Peter van Loenhout. As managing director and part owner of inVision Ondertiteling, he worked with the public broadcasters and Endemol; as VP of Operations of Broadcast Text Los Angeles, with Disney and Lion’s Gate; as managing director of Broadcast Text Amsterdam, with SBS; and as general manager of Available Vertaling & Ondertiteling [a subsidiary of NOB], with RTL. Before that he worked as a subtitle translator and manager for the RTL News division of Subtitling International.



NaomiNaomi Verheggen has been active in subtitling since 2000. First as an account manager with Broadcast Text Amsterdam for clients such as SBS and National Geographic, and after in-house training as a subtitler she started working as a freelance account manager and subtitler for various subtitling companies in 2005.
From 2006 she worked with SDI USA in Los Angeles for three years where she worked for clients such as CBS, Sony and MTV. 
She returned to the Netherlands in 2009 and is now working at P2P as an account manager and subtitler.

EvanEvan Dorrestein is a subtitler who uses speech recognition software for live subtitling of television programs.
When NOS Teletekst Ondertiteling started using this technology in 2001 he specialised in this field. In addition to intra-lingual live subtitling on Teletext he also subtitles English television programs. After studying English at the university of Utrecht Evan started working as a subtitler and in that capacity he worked for Talpa, Tien, RTL, SBS and local television stations.
He also trained live subtitlers with the national channel, TV Gelderland and Belgian VTM.

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WimWim Gerbecks is a live subtitler and velotypist. He has been using the Velotype keyboard since 1984, which he has recently redeveloped and launched on the market.
In addition to live subtitling for national and commercial television stations, Wim has a lot of experience with real-time recording of international presentations, mainly within a European context.
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